jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

The frilly thing can be a centerpiece for a Halloween party or can sit outside on a step.

Black lace
Hot glue

I can remember when people simply cut a funny or scary face into a pumpkin to make a Halloween jack-o-lantern. It was then set outside so that everyone who came by for trick-or-treat could see it. Now, there are so many choices of how to decorate a pumpkin that it's a wonder anyone can decide on just one. So, go ahead and make the scary jack-o-lantern, the pumpkin soup bowl, the pumpkin candy bowl, and the jack-o-lantern planter. You'll find places for all of them and more. Just don't forget to make a lace pumpkin. The frilly thing can be a centerpiece for a Halloween party or can sit outside on a step.

You can have the best of both worlds when you put lace on a pumpkin. You'll have something beautiful, and something made for Halloween, which seem to be opposites. But the pumpkin will fit right in with your other Halloween decorations without looking too frightening. It will be pretty, but dark, and that's the best combination for a Halloween centerpiece.

Although you can actually use any color of lace, black lace looks especially stunning on a Halloween pumpkin. The type of lace that you use is up to you but lace with a motif that isn't too cheery is a good choice. Lace with flowers, vines, and certain other images will look nice on the pumpkin centerpiece.

Cut a circle of the lace and set the pumpkin in the middle of it. The right side of the lace - if you can tell the front from the back - should be face-down. The lace circle should be large enough so that, if the pumpkin is sitting in the middle of it, the edges will reach up to the stalk of the pumpkin.

Pull one edge of the lace up to the stalk and use a dot of glue to attach it to the bottom of the stalk. With that, the lace should be taut on the pumpkin. Bring the opposite side up, glue it down, and then choose a spot between those two glue dots, and pull that piece of lace up to glue it. Continue gluing one edge, and then the opposite side, until the lace is all around the pumpkin. Put effort in to gathering the lace neatly around the stalk as you glue it.

A lace pumpkin isn't scary, eerie, disturbing, or gross, like most Halloween decorations are. So, it will look as great on a Halloween party food table as it will on the front porch step. It's quick to make so why not make a few of them!